Asher Silverglade


Did you know the main character of Rocko’s Modern Life used to work at a sex line? How about that episode of Hey Arnold about drug addiction? Did you miss that time Tom from Tom and Jerry saw himself sent to hell? Was there really a time when it was normal to show all of this to kids? Were we wrong to change it? Find out with Asher: an ordinary man with a Netflix subscription.

Asher Silverglade was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. During that time, he watched a lot of cartoons. Like, a lot. Despite his best efforts, his academic advisor won’t let him count seeing every episode of Ed Edd ‘n Eddy as a distribution credit, and things usually go poorly when he puts it on his resume.

On any other day, he would be an ordinary sophomore in Tepper, pursuing a degree in finance, and a minor in computer science. On April 1st, however, he shared his love of animation with the world, and where it all went wrong.