Carolyn O'Donnell


Ms. Carolyn O'Donnell is a professionally certified Florida English and Social Science educator, who earned a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in 2002. Her studies focused in English literature and biological genetic sciences. Upon garnering a teaching position in Florida’s public schools, Carolyn realized she had talents in developing curricula, training colleagues in educational leadership, and coaching students in writing, reading, and test taking strategies. Also at that time, she sought out her own teachers to learn self-reflection practices that would give her the courage to live a more impassioned, conscious life. Carolyn began traveling, and has since visited 30 countries; she learned the art of photography, made meditation and conscious living a priority, and pursued poetry writing. Inside and outside the school classroom, Carolyn creates lessons for adults and students, so that they too can realize their own infinitely powerful potential; her interdisciplinary lessons based in philosophy, emotional intelligence, cultural studies, and literary and scientific disciplines, inspire students to enact their knowledge: they too have the courage to move forward and make their dreams living. Carolyn is pursuing a Masters of Arts in English Literature through Middlebury College. She continues to write poems, publish essays, and travel with the understanding that the external world is a reflection of her internal world.