Micah Rabin


Micah is currently a fourth year student getting her bachelors in Decision Science and International Relations and Politics. She is also in the accelerated masters program through Heinz College for International Relations and Politics. Her research was inspired through interning at the Senate during the confirmation hearings of Justice Kavanaugh. Knowing there was more to be done she began looking into consent education legislation in K-12 schools and saw a large gap. Consent was only being taught in a handful of states and the legislation that had been enforced was at times flimsy. She speaks on the importance of consent education as well as key points future legislation on the topic should include.

Micah Rabin focuses on her research in analyzing and comparing consent education legislation passed in the United States. She speaks on the importance of teaching consent in K-12 schools and focuses on how consent can mean so much more than just sex. By breaking the taboo our culture has built around the word consent we can use education as a tool to teach children consent and better our society because of it.