Parker Felterman 


Parker Fulton Felterman is an author, playwright, and soldier, as well as a purveyor of ascots and peruser of politics. Two years after graduating from the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts, Parker is now a Carnegie Mellon sophomore majoring in Drama (as a director), Philosophy, and Social & Political History, with a minor in Business Administration, but does not plan to be a director, philosopher, historian, nor business administrator. Instead, Parker has recently begun a six-year journey as a member of the United States Army, and will go from there.

At fourteen, Parker published his first novel, "The Revolver," followed by "The Game" spring of 2018. He temporarily decided to pursue theatre following the success of his first script, "picked up" and produced by the Techeland Arts Council. His second produced play, "Lucian Sylvius" (in which he performed the titular role), first premiered in Louisiana last year, and will now be at the Tennessee Williams Festival this spring as he reprises his role.

In his talk, Parker Felterman will reflect on the darker tendency of human beings to condemn post-prison individuals even more than our government ever dared.