Rana Sen


Rana Sen is a managing director with Deloitte US and has 20 years of experience in implementing and leading major government transformation initiatives in public health, human services, finance and administration, and transportation. He is a connector between people, systems and governments, fostering collaboration, and encouraging novel solutions to global problems

He leads Deloitte’s US smart city initiative and the U.S. state/local transportation practice, in addition to supporting Deloitte’s smart city work globally. His work includes design and implementation of smart transportation solutions, automation of long-term care case management, and disease surveillance and outbreak prevention system, and “smart city” strategy. He is a frequent speaker on disruptive innovation and smart city topics at conferences, and publishes on the subject.

Rana leads Deloitte’s relationship with CMU’s Heinz College, working with faculty and students on areas of mutual interest and spearheading Deloitte’s recruiting strategy for Heinz. He has been active on campus for many years, visiting CMU regularly as a mentor, recruiter, advocate and advisor. He was instrumental in securing a recent Deloitte Foundation grant that funded fellowships for Heinz and Architecture graduate students, in addition to supporting faculty research.

Rana Sen’s talk will re-imagine the way we interact and evolve our cities around several year-long projects of creating smart cities by using advancements in technology for us, not against us.