Rubini Naidu


Naidu is a psychology major, with a minor in photography and on track for medical school through the pre­medical curriculum. Naidu is referred to by her nominators as “one of the most energetic, intelligent and thoughtful undergraduate students with whom we have ever had the pleasure of working.” Her interests and talents are breathtakingly broad, ranging from psychology and biology to art, design and photography. More significantly, she has integrated all of these into a coherent mission for her life. This is perhaps best illustrated by her efforts to combine her study of psychology and science with photography. She sees her photography as a means of capturing principles and phenomena that she has discovered and discussed in other facets of her education, bringing in connections from psychology, biology, philosophy and economics. Naidu has also demonstrated her commitment to service and capacity for leadership while at Carnegie Mellon. She has served as an academic coach, serves now as President of the Doctors of Carnegie Program for students interested in the health professions and founded Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, an organization that is dedicated to exploring Hindu religion and its applications to students' lives.