Shalaya Minor


Shalaya Minor was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a bright, energetic, conscientious student with a passion for learning, and educating others. Shalaya's desire to bring awareness has led her to Carnegie Mellon university. She is a psychology major with an interest in Theater. Through theater, Shalaya has raised awareness to social justice issues while expressing her own passion and creativity. Shalaya plans to possibly one day create a bridge between psychology and theater through Drama Therapy or education. It's her desire to be a voice for those who don't have one. Shalaya wants to push for representation and acceptance. She is working to change the statistic of the low minority rate at predominantly white institutions. She wants any child who has the desire and will for greatness not to be held back by social or economic barriers. 

Her talk, titled "Education or Criminalization", focuses on the inferiority cycle - a topic which explores the institutional barriers minorities in low socioeconomic communities face. This talk discusses how historical oppression has led to the degradation of minorities, especially, the black community. Awareness is crucial in fighting this epidemic and bringing about social change. While historical oppression is a multifaceted issue, this talk will focus on education and the systematic racism that still exists. Many in our country are unaware that this problem exists. This TEDX talk works to change that and encourages thoughtfulness and a search for solutions.