Whether you’re applying to be a speaker or have already been selected to be one (Congrats!) there are important notes to keep in mind.

What are the standards for the presentation?

It is important to remember that all Speaker presentations will be compiled into a master powerpoint for the event. Therefore, it is integral that you are happy with the formatting, the photo and word placement, and quality of your presentation based on the guidelines below:

  • Must be Powerpoint compatible.

  • Aspect Ratio is 16:9, unless otherwise notified.

  • Less is more. A single, strong, graphic image or succinct line of text will tell your story better than a crowded collage of pictures or long paragraph.

What are the TEDxCMU Copyright guidelines?

TEDxCMU follows TEDx Copyright guidelines, which can be found here.

Does my talk need to be memorized?

Yes! There are no teleprompters, and with an event of this magnitude and style, you’re going to want to know what you’re saying weeks before the event. There will be feedback sessions and rehearsals through the months before the event to help you prepare.

What does the theme of the event had to do with me?

To create a cohesive experience, we ask you to take a look at our theme description (which can be found on the home page) to see how your talk can display a facet of the theme or can use the theme to enhance your message. This doesn’t mean that you talk has to be directly about the theme.

What are Feedback Sessions?

You can think of Feedback Sessions as rehearsals for Speaker Curation to see your progress with your speech and to give you any feedback (whether it’s about public speaking, or the speech itself). These will be scheduled based on the speaker’s availability.

Our student speakers have the opportunity to have public speaking coaching and speech writing aide from our Head of Speaker Curation.



How strict are speaker deadlines?

To ensure that we have ample time to review speaker presentations and format them, we are very strict with our set deadlines. We are at liberty to terminate applications/speakership if these deadlines are not met.

What if I need special accommodations?

We always ask speakers about any special needs (learning disabilities, food allergies, etc.) and will make any necessary arrangements.



What can I expect from the weekend of the event?

Speaker rehearsals will occur the day of Speaker Dinner to ensure speakers are comfortable with their talk. We will specifically practice with clickers, stage placement and tech equipment.

What are the speaker perks?

We will provide guest tickets and free swag bags for every speaker. We will give speakers breakfast and lunch the day of as well as dinner the night before the event. If speakers aren’t from the Pittsburgh area, we will cover travel and lodging fees.